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Our services

Office moving

Moving an entire office might seem tricky, especially in case of need to relocate a large office accommodating 200-300 workstations. Indeed, more than 500 companies move their offices in Tallinn on an annual basis, and only few of them know how to launch a newly moved office without interfering with the running workflow. Typical moving process usually takes up to 5-7 days, which might have a negative impact on both general productivity and employees' mood and motivation. Luckily, there is a great solution to such a problem.

Home moving

Relocating to another place might be a difficult process, however, there is a way to make it a pleasant experience. If you want to take up residence in a new house, it is strongly recommended to thoroughly plan everything ahead.

Local moving

We offer:

  • Office and corporate moves
  • Private local moves
  • Relocation services
  • Moving of heavy objects - pianos, safes, servers etc
  • Rental and sale of moving boxes and other materials
  • Moving and transport insurance
In forwarding and warehousing activities the respective latest edition of General Conditions of Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association (ELFA) and ELFA's General Terms and Conditions for Warehousekeepers will apply.



We offer:

Fine art transportation
  • International transport
  • packing and unpacking in compliance with museum standards
  • special packaging materials, producing of special crates, escort services
  • courier service
  • tracking on route
  • tracking at airports
  • warehousing
  • insurance
  • services of customs broker
  • export permits for fine art transport
In forwarding and warehousing activities the respective latest edition of General Conditions of Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association (ELFA) and ELFA's General Terms and Conditions for Warehousekeepers will apply.
Heavy items transport

Our company also specializes in the transportation of heavy and extra heavy items. Transportation of heavy objects differs from the usual transport, that it is necessary to use the special lifting equipment. Belts, trolleys, and in some cases, special packaging equipment. Such work is carried out only by specialists with relevant experience. Considered heavy objects weighing more than 50 kg per person.

International removals

Our main goal in organizing international removals is to provide you with the experience of a successful relocation and to show you that, with our help, moving can be rather a pleasant adventure. We have developed our services based on your particular needs and possible wishes.


2008 – we became a member of The Art Museum of Estonia Friends of Art Society

since 2007 – we are a member of Estonian-Russian Chamber of Businessmen

November 2006 – we became a member of International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA)

September 2006 – we opened an office in Brussels.

August 2006 – we opened an office in Kuressaare – KLG Kuressaare.

The membership in ICEFAT demonstrates our experience and capability of appropriate packing and transporting of valuable art objects.

In 2005 – we renewed our quality certificate FAIM. Due diligence was carried out by Belgian company Capgemini.

June 2005 – we became a member of international association of freight forwarders.

In 2005 – KLG Eesti AS in association with Haus Galerii organized an exposition in a new art gallery Art Depoo. Young artists were introduced – Maarit Murka, Andrey Maksimyuk, Lauri Sillak, Mata Koppel, August Kynapuu.

2004 – KLG Eesti AS celebrated its 10th anniversary.

In 2004 – KLG Eesti AS bought 60% of Svorita company shares from Interspe Hamann Group to add them to the 40% that were already on the company books.

In 2003 – we acquired quality certificate FAIM.

Summer 2003 – a new subsidiary company of KLG Viru OÜ was established in Rakvere. The company aims at providing real estate management and maintenance services. Tartu office KLG Tartu was also launched that year.

Spring 2003 – an executive director of KLG Eesti AS, Alar Lohmus, was elected to hold the position of a president of an Estonian Expeditor Association (EEA). Logistic management software Xsped, developed by Markus Tarkvara OÜ, was introduced and implied. The list of provided services was extended with an aviaforwarding service. KLG Eesti AS moved to a more spacious office at the address Peterburi Tee 34. To provide more convenient solutions KLG warehouse was also relocated to the same area, which did not only enable to use more storage space but also offered better access.

Winter 2003 – Pärnu office launched – KLG Pärnu.

2001 – the list of the services was extended with a service of managing and maintaining recreational events and stage assembly and disassembly service.

2000 – we got a license of a custom broker. The company started offering transportation service for outsized and extra heavy freights.

September 1999 – our company was the first one among Baltic companies who became a member of Household Goods Forwarders Association of America organization. This step significantly strengthened relationship between us and American companies and institutions.

Spring1998 – KLG Eesti AS established a new subsidiary company in Riga – KLG Latvia.

Spring1997 – our company became a member of a pan-European chain, which eventually turned into UniGroup Worldwide UTS. We set our goal to get KLG onto a new level.

Winter 1997 – the company became a member of the largest umbrella organization of international removals and relocation companies FIDI. We were the very first company allowed the membership with this leading organization of carriers who offer moving services. This membership helps us to keep up with the latest news in the field and contact our colleagues all over the world.

June 1996 – we formed a company in Vilnius - KLG Svorita. We also started offering forwarding services for expositions.

In 1995 – we started co-operation with a zoo in the field of animal shipping. We also laid the foundation for co-operation with a leading Finnish carrier company Nurminen

April 1994 – KLG Eesti AS started to offer relocation services. Those were the times when such services were a novelty on Estonian market. We looked up to the largest European companies offering same services and used their experience and advices.

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