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Intrastat report (Intra EC Trade Statistics) is a system for collecting data on trade in goods between EU countries. Intrastat data can be submitted electronically via eSTAT.

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Intrastat declarations must be submitted by economic units whose trade in goods with EU countries exceeds the statistical threshold for the accounting year. The statistical threshold is set by Statistics Finland and only the flow of goods exceeding the statistical threshold has to be reported. The Intrastat report is to be submitted to the Statistical Office monthly, by the 14th day of the month following the reporting period.

If a company is unable to submit a report by the deadline, it is important to inform the Statistical Office and ask for an extension. The report must also be submitted if there were no transactions during the reporting month (zero report).

In 2023, the statistical threshold for the turnover of dispatch of goods, or the threshold above which Intrastat data must be provided, will be EUR 270 000 (EUR 200 000 in 2022). This means that in 2023, data on dispatch of goods will have to be provided by those enterprises whose turnover from the dispatch of goods to the EU in 2022 exceeded €270 000.

The obligation to provide data will also apply to enterprises whose respective turnover exceeds the statistical threshold during 2023. The statistical threshold for the turnover of goods arrivals is EUR 400 000 (the same in 2022).

KLG Eesti AS offers its clients the service of filling in the Intrastat report, preparing the Intrastat report on behalf of the client and submitting it to Statistics Estonia.

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