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Packing and unpacking

In our job, we use different packing materials and solutions.

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During the years of practice, we have participated in various trainings and learned from many top specialists. The choice of packing materials varies depending on the destination location’s climate and the difficulty of the transportation process. We have a broad experience and thorough subject knowledge regarding the packing of various items and their transportation. Here are some examples of the different most popular items being moved:
  • ● dishes (dishes’ sets, vases and other fragile items)
  • ● books
  • ● clothes
  • ● valuable arts (paintings, icons)
  • ● furniture
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To receive an initial price offer for international removals, to request a consultation or to submit a removal order, please call +372 6 818 818, send an E-mail to klg@klg.ee or fill in the inquiry form.

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